Places of Interest / Chikmagalur District

Situated in the south-west part of Karnataka, Chickmagalur is carved against a mountainous canvas of Malnad region. According to local legend, it is said that the town was given as a dowry to the younger daughter of Rukmangada. Hence the name, which literally means 'Small daughter's town'. Full of coffee estates and unspoiled beauty, the town enjoys the salubrious climate. There are also venerated monuments and temples all around the region along with other places of interest.


Baba Budanagiri / Datta Peeta

The Chandradrona Parvatha, also known as Baba Budan Giri, is located 30 kms from Chikmagalur. Standing 1895 metres high, the loftiest point of the range is Mullainagiri, at 1926 metres. The three caves here said to have been sanctified by the three Siddhas contain their icons and Gaddiges (tombs). An annual festival is held in their honour. A becon lighted during Deepavali can be seen at Chikmagalur. The peak takes the name from the Muslim saint, Baba Budan, who took up his residence here more than 200 years ago and reared coffee from the seeds he brought from Arabia. Nearby are the three famous water- falls with epic associations - Gada Teertha, Kamana Teertha and Nellikati Teertha. The Manikyadhara water fall is a popular place of picnic.
Situated in the Baba Budan Hills is a cave shrine venerated by Hindus and Muslims alike and is the place of penance attributed to Dattatreya. An annual celebration takes place in December along with the Urs when thousands of piligrims participate with great fervor. A laterite cave here is believed to have been sanctified by the residence of Dattatreya Swamy as well as Hazrat Dada Hayat Mir Khalandar.



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