Honeyvale Homestay is a premier coffee plantation located at Kottigehara in the picturesque hill-station of Chikmagalur district in Karnataka state, India. Hill estates are a part of India’s colonial legacy and our estate is no exception. The estate is spread over 200 acres of rugged mountain terrain, which is home to some rare flora and fauna. The lush green coffee plantation along with cardamom jungle, pepper vines, and aromatic vanilla garden infuses in you a sense of awe for Mother Nature. The beautiful view of the 115-year old Honeyvale Bungalow and Honeyvale Duplex Cottage with its surrounding plantation, peaks, and valley is a sight that never fails to impress the visitor.


Our Homestay is approved by Tourism Department, Government of Karnataka





Prior to gaining independence in 1947, India was a British colony for nearly 200 years. During this period, many British planters established coffee and tea estates in places where the climate was suitable for their cultivation. Set amidst the scenic splendour of Western Ghats, Honeyvale Estate is one of the oldest British established coffee estates in India, dating back to the 18th century. The Honeyvale Homestay, well known for its typical colonial architecture, was constructed in 1890 by Sir Morgan. It has spacious bedrooms, a parlour and a lounge. After India gained freedom, the estate changed hands from the British to Indian owners. The family of Mr. Sadashiv Rao, its present owner acquired the property from its previous Tamilian owners in 1977.

Honeyvale Bungalow

The Honeyvale homestay is a traditional tile-roofed structure. It has five spacious bedrooms, a lounge, and a parlor. A fine example of typical colonial architecture, Honeyvale Bungalow was constructed in the year 1890 by Sir Morgan. Each room with fireplace, original mosaic flooring, woodwork and masonry bears a period feel, which with the surrounding estate makes for an unparalleled experienced in modern times.

The Honeyvale Duplex Cottage is located on the highest point of the estate - making it an ideal place for honeymooning couples to enjoy a homestay in maximum privacy. The cottage has two spacious bedrooms on two levels with a connecting spiral staircase. With a sitout and a balcony, the cottage provides a commanding view of the estate and its surrounding.

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